Monday, May 05, 2008

Intuitive Patterns for the Month of June

June is a month where you have the opportunity to see the world of possibilities that are opening to you. As you learn to become more loving to yourself, you also become more self-contained. This month you are no longer looking for someone or something outside of you to fulfill you. When you are relaxed and at ease you can see the limitless possibilities all around you. When you are in tune with your true nature you trust that the universe is giving you exactly what you need in order to grow.

When you constantly need to analyze things, over time, you realize that mind will accept any boundary or limitation as the truth. But existence by its own nature cannot have boundaries.

Your mind will try to tell you to be content. If you listen to that voice then you will remain small. This smallness is your mind’s imposition upon your freedom. It then limits your potential and possibilities. When the mind is in control you become lazy and life then becomes dull. You feel as if you are in a rut and life becomes a bitter pill to take.

When you have an experience that you have arrived, remember your mind is imposing a boundary and limit upon your experience. This does not mean that you have not achieved something fabulous. That is to be celebrated. But each of us is constantly growing and evolving. Enjoy that success and then reach beyond that known place towards more fulfillment, love, and joy. When you think that you have arrived know that the mirror of that reality is cracking under your feet and you are about to take a freefall into something new and unknown.

Don’t worry about it or despair. This is just the natural progression that is life. There is always something new to explore or some way to expand love in your life in greater expanding circles of connection and honor.

Do not believe those who offer false flattery and seduction. They unknowingly are keeping you small in order to validate that they do not need to grow further. Others will tell you that it should be enough and you should be satisfied and content with what you have. In this place I am not talking about financial satisfaction. I am talking about spiritual fulfillment and satisfaction. In this area trust your own depth and discipline. There are amazing levels of spiritual awareness, conscious clarity, and awakening that are available to everyone. But this does take discipline and the willingness to push beyond comfort into the areas that are hidden and resistant within you.

That is why you must learn to listen to the intuitive self and the deeper soul awareness that is within. The mind is only one small and very narrow aspect of your being. You are much more than what you believe you are.

Notice if you value doing but do not always value the mystical knowledge that can be found within the intuitive self. That intuitive self is asking for you to listen and open beyond the level of comfort that you have created up to this point.

This month, be reluctant to take huge external risks. Let go of extravagant plans and the constant need to manifest extreme wealth. Allow stillness to invade your life. Go within and find your inner source of power and clarity.

Take some time to dance into the passionate flow that is what makes life worth living. It is the simple things in life that are the memories we end up holding as sacred treasures. As a child you do not remember the expensive gift at a holiday as much as you cherish the memories of rolling in the grass and playing with your family in hysterical giggles and laughter.

Allow those simple pleasures to expand the childlike innocence back into your life. Allow joy to become the priority. Allow love to be the guiding light and principle in your work and family. Make choices that are not about getting what you want, but noticing and giving to others what will open their heart more fully to the love that is within them. After all, spirit is always present and guiding our lives, even if we do not always realize it.


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