Thursday, June 21, 2012

Here we go with the Uranus Pluto Square

Well, we are all finally here to this moment in time in which Uranus and Pluto will square off for the next 3 years. This should prove to be interesting internally and externally in all of us. What I keep telling myself is that regardless of how tightly I might want to hang on to the past I must let it go.  

I tell myself that the past is just a memory and is not really alive. It feels alive in my mind but thoughts are actually dead. They might be pleasant to remember but I must learn to pull myself out of my musings of times gone by and remember where I am now.

I remind myself that I am more present, more vulnerable, more alive, more aware, and on the whole a much better person. But that old illusion of ego is not there. That is what is uncomfortable. Moving from the place of trust in something greater than myself in this moment is the key to sanity. 

I am hearing from so many how they have done patterns this whole life that were working well and suddenly in the last 3 plus years nothing is working the same. 

Yea, no kidding! We are all in this same boat looking for ways to guide this ship forward. The old standbys are just not there and we are all grappling with the meaning of life and attempting to find a center when it feels as if the floor is not underneath us anymore. When we are afraid we will try to go back to what used to work. It seems logical but in this time it is not working. What this time is calling for within each of us are new ideas and new ways of seeing and experiencing the world. 

I know for myself that I do not want to be one of those old women who are lost in the past and playing out the old tapes because I am afraid to look this reality solidly in the eye with acceptance, love, trust, and joy. I want to remember that this moment can be as beautiful as any other moment. It is what I do with it that matters.

I remind myself that all we have is this moment. None of us can guarantee that tomorrow we will be here. I believe that harsh reality seems to be surfacing within each person in different ways. People feel lost, confused, not knowing, fearful, angry, despondent, and sad. They wish things were simple and back in the frame of our old habits and patterns. 

Sometimes all of us want that but the reality is that time marches forward regardless of what we think or want and we have to learn to march with it. 

When I am in a place of total and complete unknowing I attempt to let my mind's chatter go and just practice being present and compassionate to others. That often helps me become less constricted. We are all here to give our gifts to each other. I find that I do not always realize what my gifts are until someone else needs them.

A gift is something that you do automatically without thinking. We often do not see it as valuable because it is somewhat easy. But that awareness within can be a great help and insight to others.

I also find that I have gifts that do not show up unless I am stretched in my life circumstances. Situations require more of me than I knew I had internally. But when I choose to open I find a jewel of clarity and a new gift that I did not know I had.

Right now, I am trusting in the process that is stretching me. I am choosing to just let go and not know where I am going or what my life is going to look like. I choose to follow my soul's potential and coaxing even when I am frightened and do not know where I will end up. What else is there to do? 

We think we know who we are but that is the greatest lie of all. If we knew we would already be there. Besides we are all a work in progress.

I saw a beautiful facebook sharing. It was an image of a cracked Japanese teacup. But the Japanese believe that just because something is broken does not mean something beautiful can come out of it. So this teacup was fixed with gold filling in the cracks. It made the cup into a work of art.

The time we are in is no different. We are all broken teacups right now. In our American "throw away" society we think that means we have no value. Perhaps the lesson might be that we have to make ourselves into a work of art.

Take this breaking moment and fill your cracks with gold. You just might become something exquisite. 


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