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Numerology/Astrology for 4/16/18 - Plus Personal Blog

Numerology/Astrology for 4/16/18
4/16/18 is the number 4. Balance happens in this moment with you drop the upset and anger at the world and instead decide to focus on what makes you happy. You cannot survive and thrive if you only see the terrible things happening in the world. You have to take a break. Otherwise, what are you really fight for? A world with no joy is not worth fighting for. A world with no hope is not worth fighting for. Find what makes you want to fight for this world in a productive, and conscious way. That is the way to make changes that last and that shift the tide of anger.

Astrology Today.
I believe it is time to indulge yourself in ways that give you joy and bills. Give your sensual side a yummy on Monday and Tuesday. That does not mean you have to spend a fortune. It is the little things that you take the time to do and are completely present with that enliven your life. With a Moon in Taurus and an active Venus, I love to go the park with ice cream, sit with a dog, and watch people go by. Of course, the dog gets an ice cream also. They love sensual pleasures just as much as we do. Don't expect conversations to be perfect yet as with Mercury just coming out of retrograde takes a minute. Know that you are still internally stressed and so don't try to have those deep conversations just yet. Are you ready to focus on the here and now? Even with the major issues facing this world. There is a bit of enthusiasm that is building today. I am so grateful for that. This feel-good aspect is inclined to excess during a Venus-Jupiter opposition. But after what all of us have been through. I think a small celebration is in order. Enjoy life while you have it. Let expectations to be realistic and don't overstate your affections but just be your enlivened self. Values are a bit squewed at the moment. So, don't put a lot of power into your momentary responses. There might be more than one thing that is helping you smile. Just let that abundance be a part of that dance. Let happiness open up and let that smile overtake your mind for a moment.
~Suzanne Wagner~

Dogs are one of our links to paradise.
They don’t know evil or discontent.
To sit with a dog on a hillside
on a glorious afternoon
is to be back in Eden,
where doing nothing
was not boring – it was peace
~Milan Kundera~

In life there needs to be more giggles. That squealing kind that you cannot help but smile when you hear there. That squealing is the sound of glee and no matter your age, I believe that each of us can squeal with delight. I squeal when I play with dogs and they are so adorable in catching things midair that I feel their happiness and joy. The type of joy that takes you immediately away from the “adult” upset and confusion and into the places of just sheer fun. Dogs are like permanent 7-year olds and I know my 7-year-old would squeal with delight at the surprises and joys of life. What can you do today to get your squeal back? Play with kids, play with animals, romp in the park, roll on the grass. Just don’t be an adult for one minute … or maybe an hour. I promise you will be rejuvenated and energized afterwards.
~Suzanne Wagner~


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