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Numerology/Astrology for 4/15/18 - Plus Personal Blog


Numerology/Astrology for 4/15/184/15/18 is the number 3. What we do in the world impacts the whole world. At least for now it does. There are choices and decisions that are being made that continue to undermine the power that has been the United States of America. We used to be the nation of optimism and joy. We used to inspire the imagination of millions. Our broad-minded and open approach gave opportunity to those who were being persecuted. How did we go from a freedom-seeking, exuberant, self-expressive society to one of so many voices of hate and intolerance? The number 3 is about seeing the Devil inside your own being as well as, the Divine. We are duality incarnate. We are always both. When you do not own both, it is the hidden one, the shadow, that controls your actions. When you understand both sides of your nature and consistently choose to be aware of both arguments in your own mind, then you learn restraint and balance.

Astrology Today.
Fortunately, many astrological aspects are preparing to change. On Sunday there is New Moon in the early evening, giving you a chance to regain a lost opportunity. Let the stillness of the New Moon ignite your intuitive capacity and bring a moment of stillness to your mind. Take back something that was lost. Mercury ends his sojourn through this retrograde cycle in Aries today. While Mercury will appear to be still in the sky and some of the Mercury Retrograde patterns might still come up occasionally, know that the worst is behind you. It is time to rethinking your life and priorities. In fact, this New Moon is aligned with Uranus, the planet representing innovation, revolutions, revelations, change, earthquakes, friendships, and the inventing of new ways to think and perceive the world. But know if something does not move easily then don't keep pushing. It is not yet quite time. Over the coming weeks, problems with communication issues and personal decision making should start to improve. The answers are out there. Get back into to those projects that seem to never finish. Be careful because so much is changing rapidly that you have to be on your toes as outcomes are not assured and details are not ironed out yet. Commit to personal goals that help you and others express the positive, individualistic, go-getter side of Aries. You really do have to try something new and innovative. And while that may not seem wise on many levels it is still what the universal energy is attempting to do. Use this energy, enthusiasm, and confidence to push ahead and to assert yourself. It is time to take charge of your life. It is time to start a new idea and discover how much personal courage you have. You have been looking at the patterns of personal relationships for a while but not it is more important to look at your own relationship with yourself and the truth. This might be a particularly impulsive and perhaps rebellious day. Try to have good and solid judgment. Think it through before you act. Each day more clarity trickles in and things are moving forward. But do expect the unexpected. There is a lot going on behind the scenes.  Be aware of how your words impact people and how your emotions are driving a bus that you are not always in control of. Restraint is a much-needed tool at this time.~Suzanne Wagner~

QuoteThe truth will set you free, but first, it will make you miserable.~James A. Garfield~

BlogMy friend Mary Ann and I went to the Ballet West, mixed program at the Capital Theater on Friday night. It was beautiful and amazing to see such strong dancers. The second piece they danced was honestly one of the most difficult pieces I have seen in a long time. It took so much core strength and center. If you have a chance, go. The arts are so important to a culture and a society. When that society is gone what remains are the remnants of their art and their creative expression. It always defines who we were, what was special to us, and what we believed in. Believe in all forms of artistic expression. Take the time and go to the theater and see the passion, power, and spirit of the amazing artists in this beautiful city.~Suzanne Wagner~


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