Thursday, April 29, 2010

Personal Note From Suzanne Wagner

I hope you all weathered the intense ongoing Saturn/Uranus opposition on April 26th. The intensity of this pattern will cause everyone to be overly sensitive. Be careful to reign in your reactiveness, as a lack of awareness and verbal control can cause situations to turn volatile. It is best to attempt to keep a calm demeanor. You may feel called to step up to a challenging situation in a new way or to help others. This is a great way to deal with the energy, as serving others less fortunate will help to keep your emotions balanced by viewing other perspectives and learning the art of appreciation.

This Mercury Retrograde will also feel like a wild ride. It began April 17th and runs through May 11. This one will make us look at the details of our beliefs and how our karma is playing itself out in the obstacles that are presenting themselves. Use the energy of this pattern to change the existing patterns that are obviously holding you back. This change will cause a distortion of your present routines and nothing that you plan will seem to go the way it was originally intended. In those moments, relax and attempt to ride the wave, wherever it decides to lead you.

We are being asked to learn to synthesize our movement into a more efficient pattern that is only functional if we use conscious clarity, personal responsibility, and awareness based action.

Salt Lake City Updates

Suzanne will be teaching her Numerology Class on May 15-16, 2010.

For those who are curious about their purpose and destiny in this lifetime, then this is the class to take. Through the understanding of the numerological patterns that are in your birth date, name, and year, you can begin to understand the amazing connections and lessons that you were born to experience.

This is a class that is very easy for the beginner into the magical world of metaphysics, because inherently everyone knows that numbers mean something. Our left-brain is fascinated by numbers and does not get in the way when we begin to explore numerology. This allows us to use the left-brains ability to analyze information but then to take it to the next level of intuitive understanding and beyond. This class is an amazing addition to anyone who has been studying numerology, Kabala, or any of the number systems that are presently out there because of its simplicity and the way that we take the awareness of numbers into a circular domain and into the higher consciousness.

I have taught numerology for years and I am amazed at how so many think they understand their numbers because of extensive research and study into the many fascinating systems that are out there. But this system is completely unique in its approach. So if you have wanted to find a way to dive deeper into understanding the patterns within yourself and those you love, then this might be the class you have been looking for.

You will feel confident enough after the class to do numerology readings on all your friends and family. This class can open up conversations with loved ones as together you explore the karmic patterns and shared destiny’s that you came into experience.

Please call ahead and reserve your space in the class.

Time: 10 AM to 6 PM both days. 

Location: 1104 Ashton Ave, #208, Salt Lake City, UT

Your investment in this class is only $200. To pack even more value into your investment, you’ll also receive a bonus copy of Suzanne’s book on Numerology.


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