Friday, April 16, 2010

Intuitive Patterns for the Month of May 2010

When times are stressful and difficult it is wise to look at the process in which you find yourself as a spiritual journey. The pattern that we have been coming out of has been one filled with frustration and the repetition of patterns that have been past triggers. As irritating as that has been it has forced us to take a good look at what we have created in our life and finally take the opportunity to un-create it. This has been a difficult journey but with the changing of the configuration of the planets there is going to be a release of the old illusions into the truth of the present moment.

So, let us take a moment to realize and recognize that we are not our DNA, we are not our emotions, we are not this body, and we are not what we think. You are bigger and vaster than the limitations of mortal existence. With that thought firmly in place you will be better able to see beyond what you are presently experiencing and be able to step into a clearer place of understanding, acceptance, and self love.

Yes, there have been tremendous disappointments in the past. Yes, there is a feeling that right now there is no clear pathway in front of you. Yes, you may feel as if the old you is dying. But that does not need to be a bad thing. Perhaps that old stressed out part of you really does need to be let go. Perhaps there could be something better if you just gave change a chance. Perhaps your egos need to strive constantly forward toward some unrealistic goal has been hiding the truth that what your authentic self desires is right in front of you. But you need to stop the pattern of seeking in order to be able to see it.

If you want to keep suffering and struggling the universe will let you. But don’t you feel tired now? Don’t you want to do it differently? Aren’t you fed up with the inner voices that are criticizing your daily existence? There are other ways. There are always other ways. That is the beauty of this planet. There are an infinite number of ways to get to the same goal. And you get to choose the configuration, challenges, and successes of that personal journey. That is what makes you unique. That is what gives your angle of perception its specialness.

When I am afraid and I do not know which way to go I find that three simple things help me focus and navigate the chaos of change.

Those three things are exercise, discipline, and the expression of love.

When things are feeling stuck and I do not know what to do, I can always move my body. Moving my body gives me the feeling that even when I cannot control my reality I can at least be responsible for my physical body and allow the internal and external stresses to be released in a constructive fashion. Now, when I am feeling stuck any exercise will be helpful but I try to do things that are different than my old habits and patterns. Because even in exercise you can get into ruts that do not allow you access to where you might have hidden certain truths from your self. I have learned that for me my body is the key to so much. My authentic self is hidden behind the places I hold tension. My authentic self if hidden behind where I do addictive food behaviors and patterns in order to make myself feel better. And my authentic self is hiding the truth behind my emotional anguish and physical patterns of pain.

Bodies are one of the key places that we tend to ignore and avoid the truth of this moment. This moment can be very scary because when you get present with the body you notice that you are aging, you are constricted and in pain, you are not sleeping well, you are not content, and you are not willing to change habits that are no longer constructive for your total health and well-being.

So this month, try something new for your body. Allow that newness to bring you back into the present moment. Your body is an incredible gift in this life and not something to be ignored or taken for granted. It holds everything that your mind wants to deny. It holds the emotional traumas from this lifetime and other lives. But it needs your attention and support. It is amazing how fast the body will attempt to heal itself if you give it what it needs to find balance.

Next, I find that I need to learn tools and techniques that allow for mental, emotional, and spiritual discipline. This is because my emotional body will have a tendency to take over when I am scared and run like a terrified rabbit on fire through my mind. Its freak out pattern is overwhelming and enormously distracting from being in the now. So sometimes I have to use tools such as mantras, mental exercises of focus (such as focusing on mandalas or deities), or yogic postures that force me to strain my body in such a way that I cannot run my old emotional head trip while I am attempting to hold certain postures or do particular breathing techniques. In this way I learn to use my mind to discipline my emotions and not allow them to overrun the system and make me miserable. My motto is that if my emotions are pulling me down or telling me that I am bad and doing something wrong then that is the moment to I sit my self down and break myself of that belief.

I do that by remembering that I am not this limited existence.

Deep inside we are all the same at our core. Yet each of us have layers of wounding, fears, beliefs, and personal physical challenges that we are here to learn from and overcome. We can make the mistake that we are our wounding. But you are not. It takes mental discipline to not allow yourself to repeat patterns that do not serve the emergence of your authentic self.

No one can do that for you. Others can give you a glimpse into who you truly are but you must be willing to let yourself out of the trap this existence has created for you to overcome.

And finally there is the need for me to express love to others in ways that are congruent with my core gifts, as well as, learn to receive the love that is being offered and given to me in any moment. Everyone is worthy of love. Everyone needs to feel loved and appreciated for who they really are. Everyone wants at least one person to see beyond the illusions of their pain and suffering into the core of their heart and being.

So take a moment to look in the direction of those to whom in the past you might have tried to ignore. Look directly at them and open yourself to the level that is appropriate and not only see them as love but let yourself also be seen as love. Let that beautiful exchange of love happen that is so uniquely human. Be willing to really see someone. Not their behavior, not their genetics, not their race, not their damage, but see their core light that like you is attempting to uncover the truth of who they are in this moment right now.


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