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Numerology/Astrology for 5/20/18

 5/20/18 is the number 9. The number 9 helps to remind you that the mystical world is all that there is left to understand and seek out once you have financial security and stability. In the end of our life, it is the magical and spiritual that draws us in. When you are comfortable in your spiritual self and allow that side of you to fully integrate, normal life stressors will diminish and minimize. Fear takes over when you do not know something or do not know an outcome. But life is full of such moments. In those moments is when you reconnect to your spiritual self. That side knows to trust and knows that there is always a pathway through chaotic moments. Just because your awareness does not perceive a pathway, does not mean that there is not one there. Listen to your intuition and learn to follow the flow of life rather than push the river. You are not so powerful that you can change the course of all of life. But you can change the course of your own life, your corner of influence in the world, and shift what you came here karmically to contribute.

~Suzanne Wagner~  

Astrology Today

The Sun moves into Gemini for a month on Sunday. Opening you to new ideas and allowing more curiosity to explore opportunities. This might make you feel more restless because you feel a deep need to know. The Moon is in Leo all day, encouraging affectionate and expressive qualities.However, Venus is in a position that may make you experience some awkward or unsatisfying moments, perhaps more in relationships. This can also point to problems with money and struggles with conflicting needs and goals. Interactions could be poorly timed and may miss the mark. Romantic feelings and desires may be at odds with one another. When there are blocks in intimacy, it is time to learn about each other in new and different ways. Your insecurities, socially, may be magnified. Avoid making hasty or self-important decisions.Even so, the Sun’s movement into the sign of Gemini gives a fresh look into matters that have been troubling. The Sun will be in Gemini until June 21st. Knowledge and diversity should be your motivation now. You are more sociable, intellectual, and insatiably curious under this influence. Try to not let your mind scatter as a result of your curiosity as you seek out all of your options. Communication and versatility are more important now.

~Suzanne Wagner~


All things in life are in a constant state of transformation. Within you is a butterfly stretching beyond safety into flight. It is through change that you discover your true beauty.

~Suzanne Wagner~


I ask the questions, “What has happened to respect for life? What has humanity unleased and given permission to?”
A society cannot function without respect for each other. A society cannot function from a place where the egos choose again and again to cause harm to others and actively do things that subjugate those that they feel are less than or in some way a threat to them.
This country (that was based on Christian values) has been highjacked by manipulators of hatred, greed, and fear. This was not what our country was based upon. The values of Christ Consciousness, Forgiveness, Compassion, and Understanding have been lost in the twisted distorted minds of those that use the correct words, but they use them without any heart or any understanding of the real and deeper meaning of truths that have guided civilizations forward into places of power and beacons of possibility.
I do not know what it will take to turn this boat back to love and real truth. So many are willing to live from the projected illusions of the powerful. And that seems to be succeeding in subjugating those with less mental clarity into positions that are nothing less than slavery and turning them into tools of evil.
Today, I hold the light high within my own heart. I hold the torch of the Statue of Liberty high even as she falters and hate tears at the base of her truth. If I have to hold her up to keep the light up, that I will do. I know that there are many doing the same in their own way. Somehow, we must work together to force the hand of the liars that seem in control of our country. We cannot allow it to continue. If we cannot find a way, this great country will continue to crumble. And we will stand as the witnesses again of the destruction of a great hope that gave the world a glimpse of something wonderful.

~Suzanne Wagner~


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