Wednesday, April 29, 2009

What is Success or Failure?

Success and failure are words that we experience from our ego mind. In the perspective of our soul essence every experience we have is one that leads to a form of success, as it is only through our experiences that we gain wisdom and understanding. It is helpful to learn through books and others information but ultimately the integration of information must be done in a bodily sense.

We are not just our mind.

We are not just our body.

We exist in both.

Attempting to find a balance between the huge differences between our ideals and dreams and the harsh reality of our physical existence and ultimate death is one that all of us need to learn to deal with.

I know for myself, information is often very helpful to get my mind to feel safe and to begin the process of allowing me to let go. Finding ways to feel safe that give permission for me to have experiences that enhance my perspective is very challenging. But inevitably there are moments when you just need to jump into the experience.

I try to look and plan carefully before I jump and not go unconscious to the huge shifts of energy that are out there. Most of us jump from impulse because the emotional flows are overwhelming our senses. But if you do not look before you leap you often find yourself jumping right into a karmic mess that will trigger patterns from your past. You end up having an experience that reinforces a painful experience rather than having an experience that allows for breakthrough and transformation.

I try to use my mind to analyze the situations and find a pathway that does not repeat the upset but allows for a healing and growth process instead. But this takes a lot of awareness as to the inner patterns that you are repeating and taking responsibility for the karma that has been created up to this point in your life.

So what situations are you repeating that are asking for a healing or change? Are you aware enough of your own pattern to be able to navigate the chaos of life force to bring a shift in your experience? What would it take to see love in every process you have chosen?

These are tricky questions and not to be taken lightly. I find that I need to work it through my inner self over and over again; until I find that I can see the gift in the struggles I give myself. Then I am more ready to attempt to create an experience that allows for a different outcome than the one I keep creating.

I am always amazed at how when I approach transformation with a balanced, clear, and calm mind then major shifts in awareness and integrated experience can happen.

What does it take to have compassion and acceptance for you? It takes the awareness to love you through all the perceived mistakes. It takes seeing how your soul was attempting to grow regardless of the methods that might have been chosen in moments of unconsciousness.

We are all like children when we attempt new things. We all will do it in haphazard ways. We will all make mistakes and not be perfectly conscious in moments when the energy becomes overwhelming. Yet, that is how we learn. That is how we learn to stay more and more conscious in every moment. Usually the next time I find myself in a similar situation, I will do it better and will be able to not gap out as badly as the last time.

So take a moment to allow yourself to grow and make mistakes.

Choose to stay present to the best of your ability and to look before you leap.

Stay aware that life force energy has a tendency to take you for a ride and will make your conscious mind go to sleep.

But learn to stay present in the process.

You can know that mistakes are necessary for finding the fullest expression of your energy on this planet. When you can do these things then you will also allow others to have their process and give them permission to make mistakes and give them genuine forgiveness when those mistakes hurt you inadvertently.

When we are learning we are all like children. We are all trusting and innocent. That does not mean that things will work the way we perceive. But we are guaranteed to learn and expand our perspective and awareness through the outcome of the choices in our lives.

Monday, April 27, 2009

Love and Fear

Dear Bloggers:

I am sending a bit that someone I dearly love sent to me. I hope it inspires your day.

The more we love,
the less we fear.
The less we fear,
the more we understand.
The more we understand,
the more tolerance we have.
The more tolerance we have,
the more compassion we feel.
The more compassion we feel,
the more open we are.
The more open we are,
the more we love.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Patterns for the Month of May, 2009

May comes in with a force of positive energy that is greatly needed and allows a huge sigh of relief for everyone from the past 8 months of stress and change. This will be a month of recuperation and healing. There is a feeling of intellectual development in which, as a nation, we are becoming very conscious of the repercussions of our actions that affect the whole world. This allows an awakening of our cultural connection and a renewed sense of community and coming together as a country.

It is time to transmute the old poisonous energies of the past into a rebirth of wholeness and strength. This can be a magical moment for our consciousness but the experience of a magical shift is nothing more than a radical change in your conscious awareness. When your awareness expands your entire feeling and experience opens in response to that. Nothing feels the same afterwards. Your life feels as if it has been touched and there is a feeling of the natural magical flow of life again.

Take a look at where you are hiding from your own amazing perspective and awareness. When we are in a rut and safe, we are often not moving and growing. May is a month where you will not be comfortable but you will have to actively choose to step out of your comfort zone, move into a place of temporary discomfort, and connect to the higher magic that is part of the expression of your true self. Your old identity is like a snakeskin that you have outgrown. It is going to be uncomfortable to shed that skin but then you will emerge with a newfound clarity and a more authentic expression of who you really came to be in the world.

Let go! Trust that there is a part of you that knows exactly what it is doing moment-by-moment. You have an inherent wisdom that is constantly guiding you all the time. Allow that aspect to find an expression that is more congruent with what your natural self actually came to express and give.

May is a gateway towards some completion in your life. Will you allow it? It is often our old beliefs, definitions, roles, and ideals that prevent us from allowing the natural expression of our being. There is a huge difference between what we think is our normal way of being and what is actually our natural way of being.

This is a month when we want to give ourselves permission to step out of our normal way and find what is our natural expression of self.

We think that if we have enough knowledge or tools, then we might have value or have something to contribute. When in actuality, the greatest gift we all carry is the authentic expression of our soul. Nothing is more powerful than being in the presence of someone who is expressing who they authentically are with confidence, acceptance, presence, and grace.

When someone is comfortable with himself or herself they are an incredible gift in the world. You cannot place a financial value on having the opportunity to be in the presence of someone who is being their best self regardless of what others think. When you allow yourself to drop into who you actually are, you become very present in the moment. Because you recognize that as a human being part of the game is about learning how to adapt to each moment as it shifts and changes.

The only constant in the universe is change.

You cannot stay attached to any perspective, belief, or thought if you are actually staying present with each situation and allowing yourself to move with the flow of what is.

So let go of the old need to know better than anyone else what will open you. Allow yourself to trust that someone outside of you might be able to see what you are blocking that is not allowing the fullest expression of your light in this life.

Let go of your need to be right. Let go of your need to carry others and not give yourself the love and attention you need to awaken. Let go of the old fights where you are still holding a grudge. Let go of the fear that you will not have enough because you do not feel as if you are enough. Listen with humor to the drama of your minds constant negating and creation of problems.

You are love.

You are light.

You are consciousness right now.

Not tomorrow. Right now.

Just allow that realization to sink in and let the water of awareness to flow within you again. See what you can become when you are no longer controlling what you think is correct and true. Finding out what and who you really are is the most amazing discovery you will ever experience.

Enjoy the unfolding pathway that May is presenting to you this month.