Monday, September 18, 2006

Free Psychic Fair and Book Signing at Barnes & Noble !

Book signing in Salt Lake City-October 17th, 2006 !

Free Psychic Fair at the Sugarhouse Barnes & Noble !

I will be having a book signing at the Barns & Noble Bookstore in Sugarhouse in Salt Lake City on October 17th, 2006 at 7:00 PM. Please tell all your friends and family to come and join the celebration. I am so excited as I have been working on getting a book signing at Barnes & Noble since November of last year. So we would love to sell as many books as possible to make money for the store and to keep them happy. I would really appreciate the support for the event. My students and I will be there at 6:00 to begin the Psychic Fair that is in conjunction with the Book signing. Psychic Fair is from 6:00 PM to 9:00 PM. So please come and join us!

Psychic Global Update

The US political machine heats up before the elections and you can expect fireworks throughout the month of October. Finger pointing, blame, and discrediting of opponents will be in full swing. There will probably be some amazing changes in the House but the Senate seems a neck and neck race for power between the Democrats and the Republicans.

Remember, as you listen to all the chaos to keep your own inner peace and center. Deep down most people believe that they are doing what is best. It is just that sometimes they do not see where others are pulling them along. It is important to have your own information and perspective. It is important to not demonize others either. Everyone has their opinion for a reason. So it seems correct to them based on their values and information. It is very difficult to have everyone be on the same page.

What makes America great is that we are allowed to have an opinion. Just make sure if you voice an opinion that you actually know the facts. The real facts, not information that someone else told you! Some Americans at the moment are really down on our systems. But if you talk to any first generation American, they know that this is the best place in the world to live. You can speak out and voice your perspective and create change. In other countries, that is not allowed. So have an opinion but never negate the huge gift it is to be an American at this time in the world.

Practice gratitude on a daily basis. This is a wonderful life by comparison to any other generation. We have enough food, we have wonderful (if expensive) medical care, we have freedom, and we have enough money to enjoy life without worrying where the next meal is coming from.

The War on Terror

Yes, it continues. Bombings. Terror threats in the United States. Stock Market jitters and financial stresses seem to be a part of the world economy. There is still much going on behind the scenes in Israel and Lebanon.

There is some psychic stress and danger associated with Pope Benedict and the Catholic Church for comments made in September. There are zealots that if given the chance will try to kill the Pope. The lesson here is to remember by watching this example that we must learn tolerance and to not demonize others religions. Since mankind controls religions and mankind can make mistakes, then every religion has been guilty of something bad done in the name of God. No group is completely exempt. Religion is not really the problem it is the perception and spin that we put on it that cause others harm and suffering.

Personally I cannot wait until we get to 2007. The astrological energy should begin to get better and an upward turn will begin to be noticed.

On the Health Front - Syndrome-X

If you have not read the book Adrenal Fatigue, by Dr. James L. Wilson. It is wonderful for all of us overworked, exhausted, and not sleeping Americans. Dr. James L. Wilson has created an herb company that assists the body in healing. I have found his herbs and supplements to be excellent and less expensive than in the Health Food Stores. His company is Health Freedom Nutrition. The phone number is (800) 980-8780.

The web site is:

Syndrome X is a group of symptoms that consist of insulin resistance, high blood pressure, high levels of triglycerides, low levels of “Good” lipoproteins, and the thickening middle you might experience. Some doctors call this condition, “abdominal obesity”.

Other symptoms of Syndrome X include low metabolic levels of DHEA and anti-oxidant vitamins, and high levels of cortisol.

The culprit is the highly processed and refined carbohydrates and sugars in the American diet. Some doctors estimate that 2/3rds of Americans may be suffering with this condition. So Health Freedom Nutrition created a supplement called Carbo Defense. This supplement regulates blood sugar and insulin and slows the aging process associated with Syndrome X.

I take this supplement myself and it has really curbed my carbohydrate cravings and I no longer have that slump in the middle of the day. If you have any of these symptoms check out their web site.

On A Personal Note on my Work Front

My book is off to China to see the cost of printing there. Of course after I finally finished it all, I found a few more errors. Oh Well! I decided that this format was to just get a cost breakdown and estimate. I can always send an improved version later.

I have been taking classes for the computer web stuff through New Horizons Computer Learning Center in West Valley City in Utah. It has been fabulous but overwhelming. My schedule got a little out of control because to get the classes in I lost 2 days per week of work. So any looking for appointments, please be patient. We will get you in. New Horizons has a program that for $799.00 you can take as many classes in the web design/management area for three months. So I am taking everything I can get my hands on.

My parents are having their 50th wedding anniversary and my sister and I are going out to surprise my Dad. Mom is in on it so it should be fun.

Psychic Impressions Update

I had a client of mine send her two daughters in for appointments and it just so happened that their dead brother came in to talk also.

I love it when this happens, because mediumship is not really my specialty. It was great to get accurate, clear information about their brother. I wish that I had more control over that ability, but the dead are not always at our beck and call.

When it happens I know that it is very important and I feel very honored to be the vehicle to assist this process.

I have been asking for synchronicity to happen in my life and I have been greatly rewarded this last month.

Sometimes I ask for synchronicity because I like a few confirmations that something is happening and that I am not completely making it all up.

I got on a plane in Portland to come back to Salt Lake City after my sisters wedding. I was all the way back on a puddle jumper plane that had about 50 seats. Then I see a friend/client of mine coming down the isle. I started to chuckle. I called out to her and said, “I bet you are sitting right next to me, aren’t you?” She laughed and nodded. She had been there for a metaphysical course she was taking. We talked the whole way back catching up and telling stories about our experiences.

I am putting together a digital photo album with music for my parents’ anniversary. It has taken a lot of time to scan the images in and PhotoShop them (brightness, size, contrast, and label them). I was on my section with all my dance pictures throughout New York, Berlin, and Salt Lake City when I suddenly got an e-mail from my teachers/coaches in Ballet West. They had come back to the United States to help Bruce Marks (director of Ballet West in my era/ now director of the Orlando Ballet). They were also in that moment feeling nostalgic and thinking about all the fun we had and they just had to send a note and connect.

I just love synchronicity!

I had been feeling somewhat frustrated about my books and the tremendous challenges and patience that this entails. In my frustration I asked for a sign from the angels that I was on the right path.

Contrary to popular desires, just because you are able to talk to the angels does not mean that life moves the way you want. Even for me. We are here on the physical plane and there are lessons to learn and challenges to overcome, internally and externally. No matter what.

Then I checked and someone had given me a wonderful review about the Integral Tarot book on Yea! I love confirmation and messages from the angels.

Anyone who wants to write a review about the books please know that I appreciate all the comments and effort. Reviews help the search engines find my books and CD’s.

Salt Lake City Updates

Have you ever looked at a clock and seen the same numbers over and over again and wondered what that meant? Are you intuitively drawn to certain numbers and you don’t know why? When a certain number shows up in your life does that consistently mean something to you?

Then it is time for you to come to Suzanne Wagner’s amazing class on Tarot at the T.A.O. Institute.

Suzanne’s Class Integral Numerology, will decode the mystery, magic, and truths held in numbers.

In this class you will finally get a clear explanation into the magical world of numbers.

Suzanne has taken the ancient mystical systems of numbers and interpreted them in a way that is easy to understand for the modern mindset.

In this class you will learn the deeper meanings of your birth date and name. You will discover the gifts you bring from other lifetimes and what you want to learn in this life.

You will uncover your souls destiny and how your life’s path will unfold. You will learn how to find the number of the year you are presently in and what that indicates. You will uncover the patterns that cause conflict with loved ones and learn to understand their lessons and perspective.

You will also explore the patterns held in your name. Through giving the letters in your name numerological value you will experience your hidden dreams and true self in a whole new and wonderful way.

If you have always believed in the power hidden in numbers, then this class is for you

In the $200.00 cost of this two-day class you will receive a copy of Suzanne’s newest book on Numerology.

Sign up early, as this class is easy, insightful, and fun. Be sure to bring the birthdates of your family members, as we will use them as examples within the class to show patterns and hidden meanings for everyone.

The Integral Numerology Class is October 7-8, 2006. Times are Sat and Sun, 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM. This workshop explores Suzanne's book on Numerology. This book is revolutionary in its approach. If you think that you understand Numerology, Suzanne's class will open you to a new and exciting level that is extremely insightful and accurate.

The location is The Arts Organization, 150 So. 600 E., Suite 2C, Salt Lake City, UT 84102. Please contact Paige Paulsen to reserve your place at the T.A.O. Emporium at (801) 468-1212. Cost of the class is $200.00 and a copy of Suzanne's book on Numerology is included in the price of the workshop. A deposit of $100.00 is required to hold your place in the workshop. Sign up early, as the classes are limited to 15 people. I hope you can join me there.

Suzanne has begun the Utah College of Intuitive Arts Community Project for Salt Lake City. Once a month at the T.A.O. Energy Emporium, Suzanne and her Students will give a Psychic Fair. This gives the community an opportunity to have psychic readings for a $10.00 donation to the T.A.O. Institute. It also gives the students of Suzanne an opportunity to practice their skills and build confidence.

This event is becoming more and more popular and the students are learning and growing tremendously. I am thrilled and how much joy and support this is giving the community and students. I am looking forward to bringing more students in for the event so we can accommodate more participants.

This event is on a first come- first serve basis. Numbers will be handed out at the door. This number entitles each person to get one reading from the first psychic available. If you want another reading, you will have to pick a new number after your first reading and begin at the back of the line again.

Location is the T.A.O. Energy Emporium at: 2030 S. 900 E. in Salt Lake City, Utah.

The dates for the Psychic Fair in 2006 are:
Oct 12, Nov 9, Dec 14,
Time is from 7:00 PM till 9:00 PM.

I will also be doing my Sylvia Brown Style, by donation lecture at the T.A.O. The dates are: Oct 6, Nov 3, and Dec 8, 2006. Please reserve your space ahead of time with the Paige Paulsen. Everyone will be allowed to ask a few questions. This lecture fills up quickly so plan ahead.

All this information is on my web site at: